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oprah is touching him

so im watching that Oprah show where she is talking to TOM CRUISE! oprah is a good show at 1:30 in the morning. :)
tom is so crazy about that katie holmes girl, its insane. jumping all over everything and practically giggling the whole time.
its hilarious that during an interview with seventeen like forever ago, katie told them that her dream was to marry tom cruise. and now she might get to.
im "jellus"
she is getting to shag him at least.
and the aprox. 10 year age difference. WHOA!
tom looks good. oh yeah!
every time he is on a television interview he wears all black. and i like it.
this is the fangirl coming out in me again.
i <3 tom cruise!
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July 6 2005, 17:26:52 UTC 11 years ago
Your tastes in men reeks like 4 day old shit!!! Tom is gay dumb ass!!! I'm a real man bitch face

wanna mate?
i <33 him.
i thought that interview was adorable.
the two people who posted above me have nothing better to do than type all day about people they dislike.
haha yeah... thats to be expected i suppose